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ISO 9001:2015

Image Since 2006, AirWork & Heliseilerei GmbH has been an ISO 9001 certified company.

As has happened many a time, also in the year 2018 our business branches A&H Engineering, A&H Equipment and A&H Services successfully regained certification.

The recertification process was based on EN ISO 9001:2015.

ISO 9001:2015 EN SQS          ISO 9001:2015 EN IQNet            SQS Reg.Nr. 32488, 08.06.2018 - 18.04.2021

FC 2012-05-10 | LM 2018-06-22

EASA Part 21 Production Organisation

Image In March 2013, AirWork & Heliseilerei GmbH (A&H) applied for approval as a "production organisation" in accordance with EASA Part 21 G.

On 28.04.2014, AirWork & Heliseilerei GmbH (A&H) obtained certification as a production organisation for:

- C1 Appliances - load lifting devices, cargo hook systems, rescue systems;
- C2 Parts - parts for appliances listed under C1.

The production organisation is subordinate to the A&H EQU (Equipment) department.

FC 2013-07-24 / LM 2018-06-22


Image AirWork & Heliseilerei GmbH is a registered  NATO NCAGE manufacturer  and has been assigned the code SAC17.

FC 2018-06-22

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