Safety and Quality have a name

Use competence and promote employees

Image The Wilhelminian era is long gone (20 years), the development was and is stormy and the challenges are constantly growing. With Martin Schnopp (merchant) as Head of Procurement & Logistics (as well as Finance) and Krzysztof Lukaszewski (rope maker) as Workshop Manager and Head of M-R-O, we are well prepared today with competent, innovative and curious employees. Reason enough to adapt the structures and distribute the burden of the founder, accountable manager, head of production and head of engineering. See organizational chart

After 3 years at A&H as well as intensive training by Kerstin Märkisch (ddpConcepts), Head of Quality Management, Krzysztof prepares for the position of head of production (LPO), for the time being in deputy. The LPO has to prove its knowledge and skills in the matter of EASA Basic Regulation 2018/1139 and 748/2012 EASA Part 21 with EASA Form 4 through an assessment at the FOCA.

From now on, the executive committee will make all decisions together. I'm really looking forward to that.

Enrico Ragoni, ACM

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